Kids performing group activity

La Casa is the only agency in Las Cruces that addresses Domestic Violence/ Intimate Partner Violence in a comprehensive manner, understanding that “CHILDREN” are often caught in the middle of the adult arguments and escalating episodes of violence, exposing them to traumatic experiences that indeed impact and place the children as the TRUE Silent Victims.

La Casa, in this last year has taken a daring and raw move in creating Children Youth Program that will allow us to provide direct services in a continuum of care and serving as a supportive system for our emergency shelter clients and their families as well as non-residential clients and their children. The main changes in our new CYP program will be serving children as young as three 3 years old and have activities and advocacy for YOUTH.

Through educational supportive groups and individual sessions, we teach them strategies and skills that will allow them to have more value to self-care and self-respect allowing them to promote healthy relationships and preventing aggression/ abusive relationships.

Services Offered

  • DV individual educational advocacy.
  • DV educational groups.
  • Art collaborative activities (allowing children to express through art and movement).
  • We have seen the magic “Art” and “Music” does for children exploring themselves and learning to TRUST others.
  • Individualized Safety Planning.
  • Create SAFE-SPACES (at home, school, and shelter)
  • Teen Dating Violence Community Educational/Outreach
  • Learning what the signs are for a toxic relationship
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Holiday Events (Activities) and community partnership that promote Safe spaces and Self-Love!

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