Civil Legal Services are provided in protective order, divorce, custody, and other domestic relations matters to victims of domestic violence. Some of the legal services offered are:

Wooden gavel and lawyer balance scales on white marble counter t
  • Interview and screen victims for Petition for Order of Protection Education and Assistance to complete and file a Petition for Order of Protection
  • Affidavit of Violation and Notice of address (and/or telephone) change
  • Application to modify, terminate or renew the order of protection from domestic abuse.
  • Application of motion to / for Order of Protection
  • Educate client on hearing process; what options they will have on presenting their case the day of the hearing, how to dress to court, what articles not to take to court.
  • Accompany survivors to court to provide support through the hearing process.
  • Coordinate legal advocacy and referrals for outside services for Order of Protection, Divorce, Child Support and Custody

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