La Casa Inc. currently offers individual therapy with a licensed mental health counselor (Clinical Director, Sarah Cox), individual and group domestic violence education services through a team of domestic violence education advocates.

Therapy services are offered through internal referrals from all departments within the agency and clients receive clinical assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning and provision of individual therapy  to assist clients to meet master treatment goals that are related to experiencing domestic violence.

Domestic violence education is provided to clients through an internal/external referral process and clients are provided with individualized goal planning, interventions and educational teaching about dynamics of domestic violence in relationships, communication, healthy boundaries, self-care, positive affirmations, assertiveness, healing through creative arts, etc.  Clients are also invited to attend domestic violence education and support groups (offered in both English and Spanish) and Circle of Security groups (parenting group—offered in English and Spanish) on a weekly basis.  These educational and support groups offer clients a safe environment to connect with other victims and survivors of domestic violence and learn how to build a positive support network that promote empowerment and healthy living.

The clinical and non-residential services team at La Casa Inc. offers clients individualized, empathetic support as they become empowered after suffering through a domestic violence crisis and they are empowered to rebuild positive, healthy and happy lives for themselves and their families. Our team at La Casa Inc. also works closely with other community partner agencies to create appropriate referrals for clients that needs additional services, such as:

  • Mental Health Treatment
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Housing
  • Social Services Assistance (TANF, SNAP, workforce connections)
  • Employment Needs
  • Child and Youth Services (education and therapy)
  • Parenting Resources.

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