La Casa Inc. programs for domestic violence victims and offenders also offers non-residential services to clients residing in the southern region of Dona Ana. Our “South Valley Satellite Office” is centrally located in Anthony, NM at 325 First Street. The South Valley office provides all services that the main office in Las Cruces can provide with an exception of emergency shelter. However, the South Valley staff can complete the needed steps to get a client into shelter.

La Casa Inc. South Valley provide assistances with:

  • Walk-in crisis, legal advocacy (assistance with orders of protection, violations of protective orders, immigration etc.),
  • Domestic violence education in group and individual settings.
  • Individual case management
  • Community outreach/presentations.
  • Services to children who are witnesses of domestic violence

The South Valley office is staffed by the South Valley Advocate, South Valley Case Manager, Child Youth Advocate and the South Valley Coordinator who are in the office Monday thru Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm. The South Valley office also houses La Casa Inc.’s Rural Outreach Advocate. The Rural Outreach Advocate goes out into rural communities (Chaparral, Hatch, Sunland Park) and offer the same services that are offered from the South Valley Satellite office, to clients who do not have transportation to Las Cruces or Anthony.

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