La Casa, Inc. is here to help survivors.

La Casa, Inc. was highlighted in an amazing article by Mike Cook of The Las Cruces Bulletin, “Domestic violence: Mary’s story of survival and triumph.” We want to share with you this article that gives a glimpse of how La Casa, Inc. works and helps survivors.     “I’m a survivor,” said a Las Cruces…

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Counseling and Domestic Violence Abusers

Why help abusers?

While arrest and incarcerations is an important deterrent to domestic violence, it isn’t a cure and repeat offenses often occur.  Batterers cannot be incarcerated forever. Several organizations decided to try and help abusers through reeducation, showing abusers how to handle their emotions and learn what actions are considered abusive. 

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What is Gaslighting in Domestic Violence?

“You’re crazy – that never happened.”

“Are you sure? You tend to have a bad memory.”
“It’s all in your head.”

Does your partner repeatedly say things like this to you? Do you often start questioning your own perception of reality, even your own sanity, within your relationship? If so, your partner may be using what mental health professionals call “gaslighting.”

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La Casa Inc. – Vista College Partnership

Written by: Mike Cook Las Cruces Bulletin La Casa, lnc.-Vista College partnership means educational opportunities for victims of domestic violence. Education is part of La Casa, lnc.’s mission to provide comprehensive services to victims of domestic violence, and that’s why Executive Director Henry Brutus was so excited and “very, very humbled” when he got a…

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South Valley Success Story

By: Juliana Hernandez, South Valley Coordinator In November 2018, a young lady walked into the South Valley Satellite office in Anthony requesting assistance. She reported that she had just been released from the Dofia Ana County Detention Center after being arrested, charged with battery on a household member, and released on her own recognizance. She…

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